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"Ryan Nguyen specializes in aggregating and driving traffic via creative marketing and advertisements on some of the web's most popular sites. His Milk the Web e-book has become the #1 advertising solution for all online businesses."
- Worldwide Web Inquirrer Newspaper


Over 400 Advanced Marketing Strategies YOU CAN USE NOW to make $5,000/month or more.

Originally written by Ryan Nguyen
(About The Author & Review)


The author Ryan Nguyen stimulates a continuous flow of breakthrough ideas and innovative thinking in "Milk the Web". If what you have a BURNING DESIRE to succeed on the Internet, then buy his book now and have your entire staff study every single chapter. Ryan provides high-quality, invaluable information for both the serious and wanna-be marketing gurus. His new book is simply amazing, and went FAR beyond my expectations. I guess the old adage is true: "It only takes one idea to twist your life forever!" I believe it is going to be the single best investment you have ever made. All other "get rich" books come nowhere NEAR this one. Ryan should charge at least $300 for this priceless information, because what you will be getting from this book is 20 times value compared to what you paid for. And believe me, this guy is the real deal.
Dan Henderson, Vice President,


Here's what is included in Milk The Web eBook:

Course One The Giant Digital Market

  • Consumers today

         How big is the market?

         Target the market with money

         Image and professionalism  

Course Two The Power of Net-Brains

  • You cannot be all things to all people

         Who am I buying from?

         Why people must give you their money ?

         Why people don't buy ?

         Can I really sell myself?

         Strategic marketing plan

Course Three The Quickest Ways to Make Millions

         Selling models

         Choose your business model

         What do you want to sell?

         Buy and sell advertising space

         Create multiple revenue streams  

Course Four The Amazing e-Advertising Strategies

         Getting started!

         Discover the amazing 15-second strategy

         Chat rooms & word-of-mouth marketing

         E-zines boost traffic to thousands

         Let your software do all the chores


         Search for good information

         Branch stores

         Get your site listed higher rankings on search engines

         Pay-per-click search engines

         "Free" is the word

         Contests and sweepstakes

         E-mail marketing - the digital secret weapon

         Autorespoders - free full-time "employees"

         Meta Tags - Get seen on the Net highway!

         Banners - Gateways to your sales letter

         Mailing lists



         Link! Link! Link!

         Reciprocal links

         Advertising networks

         Third-party strategic alliance network

         Affiliate programs

         Make money with affiliate programs

         Domain names & web site hosting  

Course Five The Profit Boosters

         3 Super-Boosters that close sales like Crazy!

         Customer service

         Sense of humor

         Develop relationships

         Accept credit cards

         Electronic checks

         Get a merchant account

         Trust and satisfaction



         Pricing strategies

         Privacy policy - Close more sales!


Course Six The Best Ways to Be Efficient

         3 important tactics

         Start your e-business for under $65

         Success stories

         A sales letter

         Create irresistible headlines

         Sell your words

         Building repeat business

         Friends - Can't live without them!

         Package for more money  

Course Seven The Competition

         3 Crazy Twists

         Perceived difference

         Turn hate mails into referrals

         Spamming good or bad?  

Course Eight The Necessity of Success

         Start out small

         Time, energy, imagination

         Ask and imitate

         Give-and-Take secret formula


         Forever under constructions

         Test! Test! Test!

         Big ideas can beat big budgets

         Invest your first paycheck

         Ask, research, experiment, and pray


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